Account without bank: Bank account without bank

27 septembre 2020

In concrete terms, an account without a bank works in the same way as a traditional bank account. It is accessible to everyone, and without any condition of income of any kind. Thus, anyone wishing to open an account without a bank, without providing proof of income, is given a deposit account and a payment card. Transfers and withdrawals are made in the same way as for a conventional bank account. The only fundamental difference is the impossibility of obtaining a cheque book and the prohibition of overdraft. This relatively recent initiative was launched in February 2014 by the Financière des paiements électroniques (FPE). It should be noted that it is entirely possible to open an account without a bank for banning overdraft. In this case, the person receives a bank account number (RIB) and an immediate debit card, again with no income requirement.

The procedure for creating an account without a bank is usually carried out at a tobacconist’s shop. The tobacconist opens the account without a tobacconist’s bank and issues a bank card activated via an electronic payment terminal. To do this, several supporting documents must be presented, such as an identity document and a mobile phone number. Later on, the management of the account without a tobacconist’s bank is done remotely, via a mobile or fixed device, or via the Internet. Other online services are now available, and make it possible to subscribe to the same type of offers as for an account without a tobacconist’s bank. This is the case, for example, with the online services of Sogexia, a bank-unbanned account that combines simplicity and efficiency.