bob Finance | Credit or Credit Cards: What is the best solution for your…

30 septembre 2020

The main advantage of credit over credit cards is the interest rate. At bob Finance, you can get credit with as little as 4.9% interest. The average interest rate for credit cards in Switzerland is 11.9%. The legally permitted maximum rate is 12% for credit cards and 10% for loans. (Für UX: Bitte Quelle verlinken)

The following sample calculation will show you how much better a credit is than a credit card:

you wish to make online purchases for an amount of CHF 10,000 and repay this amount within one year. With a credit, you pay only CHF 490 in interest in the best case scenario. With a credit card, on the other hand, you should expect to pay an average of CHF 1,190. You therefore pay less than half the interest on a credit!

At bob Finance, the interest costs shown always reflect the effective annual interest rate, which guarantees maximum transparency. The effective annual interest rate determines the amount you actually have to pay. Banks often show you the nominal interest rate. This corresponds to the lender’s profit margin. Any additional charges are not visible, and the actual costs are higher.