SWISS Miles & More | Classic Credit Card

1 octobre 2020

1With the SWISS Miles & More American Express® Classic, you receive 1.5 bonus miles for every CHF 2 spent. With the SWISS Miles & More World Mastercard® Standard you receive 0.6 bonus miles for every CHF 2 spent.

2Excluding fees, interest, arrears, cash withdrawals, payments for transfers and foreign exchange transactions (also in cash substitutes, such as encrypted currency, Traveler Cheques, loading of cashless means of payment, etc.) as well as payments to securities dealers, payments for card services (e.g. optional insurance), as well as gambling and gambling-like services.

3You will find detailed provisions regarding the expiry of miles here.

4Redemption of miles is not valid for HON Circle status.

5The exact provisions concerning the instalment facility can be found here.